About by growers 

by growers is a strong player on the European market and, after the merger in 2014, counts among the largest market gardens in Denmark. We collaborate closely with leading trendsetters in added-value products in Europe to be able to give our customers a wide and contemporary product range. Continuous product development is a matter of course for us, and we constantly work on product improvements. We demand a lot not only from our own employees, but also from our suppliers.

by growers is one of Denmark’s leading and largest  producers of, e.g. Kalanchoë, Calandiva and Osteospermum. All of our cultures are grown in flexible  production areas and with lots of passion throughout  the whole cultivation process, from cutting to finished  product. We  work in close  cooperation with multiple leading and successful breeders.  Our large volumes and flexible production areas also allow us to accommodate each individual customer inquiry, including, e.g. special desires about pot sizes, added value, mix or other crops.

In short, we do not only cultivate some of the market’s best and most durable plants – that appeal to markets all over Europe – but we also generate growth. What our customers get is a strong partner with more than 120 dedicated  employees, an overall greenhouse area of 200,000 m² and annual production of 28 million pot plants, and on top of that we are also MPS and MPS- Gap authorized.

by growers produces not fewer than 26 different cultures in several different pot sizes available within each individual culture. We do this in order to accommodate our customers’ needs and to maintain a wide and varied range. But by growers does not supply “just” plants. We provide tailored solutions that add value to all segments:

  • Added value
  • Ready-for-sale container solutions (CC, ½-CC and Euro-CC)
  • Private label
  • Label solutions
  • Mixed boxes with different cultures


by growers is a customer and sales-oriented company that desires close and constructive cooperation with customers and partners. This is why we offer the option to deliver their plants in the customer’s own packaging and brand.

We offer our customers the option to deliver their plants in their own packaging and brand.