Pelargonium – Elegance Royalty White

I look delicate and bear clusters of flowers. I am a Pelargonium Grandiflorum, also known as an English Pelargonium. My flower clusters range in different colours from whites – pinks – purples- and burgundies. Each flower individually is two-coloured in matching colours which makes my flowers appear to be glowing. Keep my soil moist, and place me in direct sunlight. I prefer to be indoors until the frost is over, as I will die if exposed to frost. I can be placed outside afterwards, where I will spread my leaves and flowers. I am a perfect spring plant and am available from February until the end of May.
Available from week : 6-22
Packing info for Danish CC
Qty pr. tray : 10
Tray pr. layer : 4
Tray pr. CC : 24

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