Pelargonium Royal – Emma

When selecting a place for me in your garden or home, please remember that I like full sunshine. I am known as a Pelargonium Royal thought-out Scandinavia and parts of Germany. However, I am actually a hybrid of geranium. I have clusters of flowers similar to the Grandiflorum. My flowers are smaller and robust. I am a vintage plant and rather retro. I make trendy comebacks once in a while as I am a hardy and romantic plant. Bees and butterflies love me, and the scent that I have brings back memories to many. My soil needs to be moist, and best to add fertilizer approximately with every third watering. You can find me from the end of January until the middle of August.
Available from week : 6-32
Packing info for Danish CC
Qty pr. tray : 10
Tray pr. layer : 4
Tray pr. CC : 24