Princettia – Pink

I am a pretty Princettia. What makes me different to a poinsettia is the width of my leaves, also known as bracts. They are slightly smaller and more narrow. I am found in the colours of whites and pinks. I am a little more compact than a poinsettia. If you need your home brightened up during the autumn or Christmas months with other colours than the traditional ones, then I am perfect for you. I can be placed outdoors, but I am sensitive as soon as the frost settles in. It´s best to keep my soil moist but not over-water my flower. My flower in the centre can fall off if I am dried out for longer periods. I don’t tolerate direct sunlight, and also do not require any fertilizer.
Available from week : 42-47
Packing info for Danish CC
Qty pr. tray : 12/20/28
Tray pr. layer : 9/6/4
Tray pr. CC : 110/72/48

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